Car Rental FAQ

Car Rentals

  • Car reservations cannot be amended. If a guest needs an amendment they MUST cancel and re-book 


  • The following are NOT ALLOWED
    • Names Changes - NOT ALLOWED
    • Date changes - NOT ALLOWED
    • Add a second driver - NOT ALLOWED


  • If the client needs to add a name, second driver, insurance, GPS they must do this at the car rental location.


  • Guest must have a credit card to pick up their car rental, most car rental companies only take credit cards. The rental companies that do take debit cards will generally put a large hold (ex. $100 - $300) on the card until the time of drop off.


  • Cars can be cancelled at any time as long as the car has not been picked up from the rental location. Before cancelling contact the car rental place or their customer service to verify car has not been picked up.


  • There may be taxes and fees that will have to be paid for at the time of pick up. It will depend on the Program Inclusions. Program inclusions tell you what is included in their rental reservation that they booked with us. 


  • Program inclusions can be found by scrolling to the middle of the car rental reservation card and viewing the program inclusions section. 


  • Some car rental companies will allow a guest ages 21 – 24 to book a car but it will be at an additional fee
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