Flights FAQ


Flight Cancellations        

These are the three most common reasons why a flight would be cancelled without the guest’s request:

  • (1) Credit Card declined. We cannot reinstate the reservation once cancelled and guest will have to go back on the website to rebook.
  • (2) Africa Travel. We do not book flights to or from Africa, except for Egypt and Morocco. Refer guest to airline directly.
  • (3) Someone else that is not the passenger is paying for the booking and we were unable to verify the credit card information. We cannot reinstate reservation, refer them back to the website. If guest is already at the airport advise them to book directly with the airline. Do not do a call back for any of these cases. 

General Information

  • The flight department charges a $25.00 fee per ticket to book over the phone. Always refer them back to the website.
  • We do not make reservations over the phone for a third party (someone paying for someone else).
  • All Sam’s Club members who want to book over the phone need to be transferred to Sales.
  • No name changes or additions can be done once a reservation is made. It has to be cancelled and rebooked.
  • The airlines allow 24 hours for a reservation to be cancelled without penalties. After 24 hours penalties apply.
  • If during the booking flow the fare increases is because prices are constantly subject to change until ticketed. We cannot honor the price unless the reservation has been made.
  • We do not make reservations for anyone under 18 years of age travelling alone.
  • Online check-in can be done 24 hours prior to the flight departure on the airlines website using the airline confirmation number.
  • Important information about a flight such as destination, airline, flight number, airline confirmation number, class, etc. can be found under the “Itinerary” tab in back office.
  • We cannot hold a flight for anyone and no price is guaranteed until it is actually booked. 

*If there is a reservation for check-in or sailing that requires urgent action and no one is available in Specialty Services. Send an email to the corresponding box and copy Mike or Sebastian.

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